The Bardo

A lot of fellow runners started later in life.  Their reasons many, but most would probably relate it back to health somehow.  Yet once they start, the realization hits them at some point, usually after a big race, that they haven’t been truly alive.  Until they started pushing their physical and mental boundaries they had not lived, they only existed.

Simply existing is a slow, cruel death.  One can never see their full potential by existing.  Hopefully by now you have come to the realization that to live fully, you must challenge yourself constantly.

I’ve seen this happen so many times.  Running, along with most fitness activities, creates a sense of self-confidence and greater self worth.   The greater confidence will allow you to try things you previously would not have dreamed of.

The decision to commit to an activity is life changing if you allow it to be that and almost indescribable.  It is what I call the Bardo of running.

Bardo is the Tibetan word for intermediate state.  Tibetan Buddhist believe that this is the state between death and rebirth.  Not that I am a Buddhist, but the concept of a stage between death and life seemed like an interesting analogy to running.

This blog will be about my journey through my personal Bardo and quest to become a better person through it.

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