Where Have you Been

The last couple of years have been such a strange one for all of us. Here I am looking back and wondering how I got to this exact moment. I suppose we have all had that flash of clarity and wonder lately. For some, things are starting to go back to a semblance of a normal status.

As humans, we all want things to stay somewhat the same, but the truth is that change is a constant. Part of the problem with the last couple of years is that the change was so sudden and dramatic.

With change, we need some constant thread of stability. Sometimes that thread is merely hope.

My hope and stability was the 2020 Leadville Trail 100. Looking back, however, it ws probably a good thing that it was cancelled.

For most Americans, this strange trip started in March of 2020, but for me, it started in May of 2019, just before my first attempt at Leadville, when my wife and I purchased a camper and sold our house. The intention was to live in our mobile domicile while we built a house. The old one wasn’t what we had dreamt of, the new one would be away from town and in the woods, where we wanted to be in the first place.

Delays in the process are inevitable. Where exactly would we place the house on the property? Which direction would it face? Not to mention the layout of the house, siding, colors…and on and on. But my constant was running, I tried to keep my weekly miles up the best I could given the situation.

In the end, it all came together. The house was livable, not necessarily finished, in October of 2020. By then, I had been out of the habit of writing for so long that I just never started back. It would not be until Christmas 2020 that I even got a desk set up to write at.

And now, here we are in the autumn of 2021, I am reasonably settled into the house. There are still many projects to finish, there always will be, but I am recommitting myself to this blog. Life, like running, is about setting goals. My current goal is to post twice a month at minimum.

As for my running goals, watch for a future blog post!